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Transport Rules

  • Students can avail the school transport facilities subject to the availability of seats. Bus routes cannot be altered to suit individual convenience.
  • Bus facility will be withdrawn for children found misbehaving in the bus.
  • The drivers are authorized to stop the buses at the designated stops only.
  • In case your ward misses the bus, please do not try to overtake and stop your vehicle in front of the bus.
  • Please do not engage drivers and conductors in unnecessary discussions.
  • Under such circumstances, parents are requested to collect the child from the school pickup point only.
  • Students are not permitted to travel by any other bus except by the one allotted to them.
  • To withdraw the availed bus facility/change of route or availing of bus service the parents have to fill and submit the prescribed application form available in the school almanac.
  • Children opting for bus service and not availing for more than a week will be asked to discontinue with the bus service.
  • Change of bus stop for a day or a week will not be entertained. As a rule, such requests should not be made.
  • Parents of the students are not allowed to travel in the school bus under any circumstance.

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